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The 10 Strongest Currencies In The World

The euro is the official currency of the Eurozone, being 20 out of the 27 countries that form part of the European Union. The physical currency entered circulation in 2002 and is free-floating. The euro is the ninth strongest currency in the world with 1 euro buying 1.10 US dollars (or US$1 equals 0.91 euros). The U.S. dollar is the 10th-strongest currency in the world, with 1 dollar buying 1 dollar.

  1. Traders often trade the Canadian dollar to speculate on the movements of commodities or to hedge positions in the commodities market.
  2. In addition, due to the U.S. dollar’s global acceptance, it is used by some countries as an official currency, in lieu of a local currency, a practice known as dollarization.
  3. Was an official member of the European Union, the country never adopted the euro as its official currency for a variety of reasons, namely historic pride in the pound and maintaining control of domestic interest rates.
  4. One other feature of the U.S. dollar is that it is used as the standard currency for most commodities, such as crude oil and precious metals.

Quite often, countries will fix their currencies to the U.S. dollar to stabilize their exchange rates rather than allowing the free (forex) markets to drive the currency’s relative value. While not the strongest, the British pound is among the top currencies in the world. The British economy is one of the most highly advanced, market-driven, and globally integrated economies. When measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), purchasing power parity (PPP), and GDP per capita, it ranks as the sixth-largest national economy in the world and accounts for 3.3% of global nominal GDP. In terms of PPP (purchasing power parity), the UK accounts for 2.34% of global GDP. Examples include how much the nation purchases and sells in terms of products and services on the global market, changes in the cost of imports and exports, and the evolution of the global and national economies.

The British pound is the joint fifth strongest currency in the world with 1 British pound buying 1.27 US dollars (or US$1 equals 0.79 British pounds). The Jordanian dinar is the fourth strongest currency in the world with 1 Jordanian dinar buying 1.41 US dollars (or US$1 equals 0.71 Jordanian dinar). Oman sits between the United Arab Emirates and Yemen at the tip of the Arabian peninsula. As with its other wealthy neighbours, Oman is a major exporter of oil and gas. The Omani rial was introduced in the 1970s and is pegged to the US dollar. The Bahraini dinar is the second strongest currency in the world with 1 Bahraini dinar buying 2.65 US dollars (or US$1 equals 0.38 Bahraini dinars).

Japanese yen (JPY)

Britain is the sixth largest country by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to the World Bank. Most currencies are ‘floating’, meaning their value fluctuates depending on demand and supply. However, some currencies are ‘pegged’, which means their value relative to another currency (such as the US dollar) is fixed at an agreed rate. The US dollar is generally seen as the most powerful currency in the world. And it’s certainly the most-traded currency on the global stage by some margin. Most currencies are “floating,” meaning their value fluctuates depending on demand and supply.

They try to keep their currencies cheaper in comparison so their exports are competitively priced. Similar to the British pound, which can be exchanged with the GIP at par value, this official currency of Gibraltar is printed by the country’s government under the terms of the 1934 Act Currency Notes. Created in the 1700s, the US dollar is legal tender in the USA, other US territories and sovereign nations including Ecuador and Zimbabwe.

Conversion rate: 1 JOD = 1.41 USD.

Forex traders will often estimate the value of the British pound based on the overall strength of the British economy and the political stability of its government. Due to its high value relative to its peers, the pound is also an important currency benchmark for many nations and represents a very liquid component in the forex market. The British pound also acts as a large reserve currency due to its historically high relative value compared to other global currencies. The Great British pound, also known as the pound sterling, is the fourth most traded currency in the forex market. Was an official member of the European Union, the country never adopted the euro as its official currency for a variety of reasons, namely historic pride in the pound and maintaining control of domestic interest rates.

Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

These include manufacturing, logistics and transportation, energy and mining, agriculture and fisheries, and tourism. The Aussie is one of the world’s reserve currencies thanks to Australia’s stable system of government and the effective monetary policy maintained by the Reserve Bank of Australia. China is the country’s main trading partner, so China’s economic stance affects the value of this currency. Bulgaria has an industrialized economy and is considered upper-middle class. Since 2009, inflation has fluctuated below 5% but has mostly remained constant.

Jordan relies on natural gas for 93% of its domestic energy needs since it lacks commercially viable oil resources, huge expanses of economically viable forest, or coal reserves. There are several industrial zones in Jordan that produce commodities for the textile, aerospace, defense, ICT, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The U.S. is the world’s largest economy by GDP and the U.S. dollar is by far the most-traded currency globally.

After the US and China, it has the third-largest nominal economy in the world, and behind those two countries in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). The nominal GDP of the EU is projected to be over $16.6 trillion in 2022, or almost a sixth of the world economy. In the majority of cases, the USD is the common currency unit used to quote, trade, and settle payments for items on the international commodity markets. The US Dollar Index is a crucial tool for determining whether the dollar is strong or weak relative to a basket of six other currencies. The Bahamas is the wealthiest nation in the West Indies and has the 14th-highest nominal GDP in North America. It has a population of 391,232 and is a stable, developing country in the Lucayan Archipelago.

The Canadian dollar ranks after the US dollar, the euro, the yen, and sterling as the fifth most widely held reserve currency in the world, making up around 2% of all reserves. In 2019, the Singapore dollar was named the 13th most traded currency globally. The economy of Singapore is viewed as being open, creative, vibrant, and business-friendly. Singapore, the only Asian nation to have this grade, is one of the few nations that have had a AAA credit rating from the Big Three credit rating agencies for a number of years.

US dollars are purchased by the Central Bank of Oman for 0.384 Omani rial and sold at 0.386 Omani rial. The oil industry dominates Oman’s economy, with commerce and fishing taking place along the country’s coasts. Petroleum accounts for 50% of GDP, 45% of government revenue, and 64% of all export earnings. The petroleum products the barefoot investor sector is one of the most crucial in the Omani economy, making over half of the Sultanate of Oman’s GDP. Switzerland and Liechtenstein both use the Swiss franc as their official currency and legal money. Additionally, it is accepted as legal tender in the Swiss territory-encircled Italian exclave of Campione d’Italia.

A weak renminbi can make China’s exports more competitive internationally, reducing demand for Japanese products and, in turn, the yen. Finally, it is worth noting that the cost of oil can play an important role in determining the yen’s value. This is because Japan is a major importer of oil and high prices can weigh heavily on its economy. The yen’s value is highly dependent on the strength of Japan’s economy, particularly its manufacturing sector which is responsible for key exports including vehicles, electronics, machine tools, ships and textiles.

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